Villa In Sicily


Project: Marco A. Mutinati/Sebastiano Canzano
ID: Marco A. Mutinati/Sebastiano Canzano

The Ortigia Island, among horizon and sea with the volcano Etna on the background.
A unique, mythical place suspended between reality and dream as a stage for a defined space, free from organic unity, to be architecturally upgraded and reintegrated between an urban context and a delicate environment.
An hard challenge with crystal-clear objectives: re-think its architecture for a private residence full of charm, deeply personalised, soberly luxurious and contemporary easy positioning in the international real estate landscape.
The project activity has been extended to the research of the best functional relationship between the existing buildings using a rational fluidity method.
The original distribution system has been completely modified to respond to the logic imposed by the new aesthetic and functional needs.
Environments relate each other without dividing lines, allowing a full perception of spaces and surfaces.
Lines and shapes melt like a pentagram into a harmonious whole which, even if conceptually minimal, gives soft complexity to the entire.

"Do you know what is our life? Yours and mine? A dream in Sicily. Maybe we're still there and we are still dreaming."

Leonardo Sciascia